We are a worldwide network of professional women built on the foundation of authentic truth, universal love, and divine integrity. We are all-inclusive as each and every woman on our planet is sacred life energy in motion.  We are feminists that believe in the equality of all living beings, animals included. Feminism is whatever a female defines it to be. Our gender does not define our value or worth. It compliments it. We believe in the intuitive power of life that flows to and  through each of us. We give and receive support, wisdom, joy, education, skills, gifts, and love, exactly as women should do. Our little humans are watching. 


We are spiritual group, not a religious group. All paths lead to love. Each and every body is a temple of truth. We are spiritual women having a very enlightening human experience together.  

We are pro-men. We give birth to all genders. We believe in all humans working together to better our world and invest in our future. 


"Until women and girls, their bodies and their voices, are considered sacred, we will continue to be disproportionately mistreated and abused." 

- Meggan Watterson



Phylice Kessler


Tipsy’s Treasures

Michele Nassen

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 Women are Miraculous. We change the world, not as we're told to, but as we know to.

Real Women. Nice Networking. Spiritual Community. Like-Minds. 
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As a leader in the industry, The Divine Association of Sacred Women makes it a priority to ensure you’re informed with the latest news and updates. That’s why we’ve provided this resources section, which is regularly updated to keep you in the know. Check back often, and feel free to reach out if there’s something missing that you’d like to see.